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Modern permanent makeup techniques have come a long way since their inception. Please don’t confuse my equipment with the loud, painful machines you would find in a tattoo shop! My state-of-the-art machine is quiet and versatile, and allows very fine control of each stroke. I only use high-quality inks produced in the USA. Most importantly, all these high-quality materials are designed to give you results that are natural looking – no more brows that look like they were drawn on with a Sharpie!


This is a must for most makeup lovers; it can define your eyelashes as well as make your eyes pop. While many women love the look of eyeliner, they become frustrated with the constant smudging or perhaps the inability to see well enough to apply it. If this is you, then permanent eyeliner may be your solution.

Traditional: This technique is done using a tattoo machine to implant ink into the lash line. There are several techniques available with endless color possibilities, so together we will be able to find the best choice for you.

Stardust Liner: Stardust eyeliner combines the traditional upper and lower eyeliner with a powdered (ombré) appearance to the upper lid. This effect is created using lighter shades of your eyeliner color or by using a secondary color.

French: French eyeliner gives you the traditional upper and lower eyeliner as well as an additional ink color implanted to enhance the traditional liner. This additional color is placed over the upper liner, under the lower liner, or over the lower liner into the wet mucosa tissue.

Permanent Eyebrows

Are you spending a lot of time trying to create the PERFECT eyebrows? Would you like worry-free mornings knowing you’re waking up with eyebrow makeup? We offer several options:

Shadow (Traditional): This technique uses a machine to implant ink, creating a penciled-in look.

Hair Strokes or Nano Strokes: This technique is done using a tattoo machine and a very fine needle in order to create a hair-like effect that looks more natural (like microblading) and lasts much longer because the ink is implanted much deeper.

Ombré: This technique also utilizes the tattoo machine, creating a penciled-in brow look that fades from a lighter color to a darker tail.

Combo: This technique combines the shadow and nano strokes techniques. This is perfect for someone who has thin brows with bald patches.

Microblading: This is a popular semi-permanent technique used to create the illusion of fuller brows which results in a beautiful natural looking brow. This technique is done manually by using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis/dermis. Because a machine is not used, the inks are deposited closer to the surface creating a crisp clean natural appearance. With microblading you can expect touchups every 12-18 months.

Permanent Lips

Are you tired of lipstick that bleeds in the tiny lines (wrinkles) around your mouth? Are you lips slightly asymmetrical, causing you to spend precious time standing in front of the mirror each morning trying to even them out? Maybe you just prefer a pouty look. If this sounds like you, then permanent lip color may be the right choice for you. We will work together to find the best technique and color for you.

Liner:  Just as it sounds, this is a definite liner, used to define and shape your lips.

Full Color:  Full color lip can be a either a single color, or a darker liner with a lighter lip color.

Ombré:  Ombré lip color is perfect for those looking to achieve a pouty lip. This technique uses a shading method that causing the lip color to start out darker at the liner and gradually get lighter, creating the illusion of a pouty lip.

Blushing:  Lip Blushing is a popular semi-permanent tattoo treatment that tints your lips using a cosmetic tattoo machine (on a low setting) and water-based inks. The results in that your lips looking a little fuller simply by being defined and enhanced with pigment. Lip blushing doesn’t actually change the shape of your lips.



Full (Upper & Lower Lids) | 400
Upper | 300
Lower | 250
Extra Thick – Additional | 100
Stardust Liner | 500
French Liner | 500


Traditional | 350
Nano (digital) strokes | 450
Powder Ombré | 400
Combo | 400
Microblading | 350


Liner | 300
Full color | 350
Ombré | 400
Blushing | 400

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